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8.4.2022: Airbus Defence and Space acquires DSI Datensicherheit GmbH

Today we had the closing of the M&A Process for the acquisition of 100% shares of our daughter company DSI Datensicherheit (DSI-DS) by Airbus Defence and Space (ADS). Our daughter company DSI-DS is a specialist for crypto and tempest solutions in aerospace applications. This acquisition by one of our main customers provides in our view a perfect match in order to support the rapid growth of DSI-DS in a challenging market. Our other daughter company DSI Aerospace Technology is not affected by this acquisition and remains a SME as a full daughter of the DSI Informationstechnik GmbH.

DSI Datensicherheit GmbH will be rebranded by the new owner to avoid confusion with the other companies of the DSI Group.



DSI Informationstechnik GmbH is a SME located in Bremen, Germany, providing high-end electronics for airborne and space applications. Founded as a spin-off of the University of Applied Sciences Bremen in 1997 by Professors Dr H. Michalik and Dr L. Hinsenkamp, DSI has continued to deliver future-oriented solutions since that time in terms of both aerospace technology and IT security systems.

The fields of activity are dedicated to the engineering, development, manufacturing and qualification of solutions for aerospace electronic equipment, information technology and advanced communication systems. We are specialised in designing digital systems, which provide significant savings in required resources in terms of power consumption, mass and volume. At the same time, our integrated approach provides significant increases in processing power as well as in reliability due to the usage of the newest, qualified FPGAs and ASICs technologies.

The DSI group currently comprises three independently-operating companies:

  • DSI Aerospace Technologie GmbH
    (DSI-AS, locations: Bremen & Braunschweig) provides dependable electronics for space, airborne and terrestrial platforms
  • DSI Datensicherheit GmbH
    (DSI-DS, location: Brinkum) provides dependable and accredited solutions and equipment for IT-security applications
  • DSI Informationstechnik GmbH
    (DSI-IT, location: Bremen) acts as a holding company for DSI-AS and DSI-DS



Our mission:
We provide outstanding expertise in the design, implementation, production and qualification of dependable electronics. DSI combines high-end technologies and innovative ideas into ­cutting-edge products. Innovation, Performance and Quality are our daily drivers for ensuring mutual success together with our customers.

Our claim:
The customer’s satisfaction is the central element of DSI’s success. We are ­challenged by our partners worldwide to create tailored technology ­solutions in response to their state-of-the-art applications’ needs. We stand for the ­dependability of our products as well as our offered ­services. Our promise to you is a dedication to high quality, on-time delivery and cost effectiveness.

Our values:
We achieve our claims through clearly-stated values within the company and in our interactions with our customers. DSI’s internationally diverse team is guided by visionary thinking and the aim of excellence in working. We are ­open-minded and we practice respectful collaboration both within and outside of the company.

DSI provides products for institutional and commercial applications in the ­following domains:

  • Space (e.g. on-board electronics for satellites, space probes and space robotics) 
  • Air (e.g. on-board electronics and crypto systems for UAVs) 
  • Ground (e.g. secure IT equipment, ground station components, EGSE)

Dr Harald Michalik
Managing Director, DSI Informationstechnik GmbH





Customer: OHB/EU

Galileo is Europe’s programme for a global navigation satellite system, providing a highly accurate, guaranteed global positioning service.

DSI developed several EGSEs and SCOEs for the Galileo Common Security Box. It includes a large number of different interfaces and is used to test all on-board functions and redundant components simultaneously.


Euro Hawk

Customer: Airbus/Bw

Euro Hawk is a Global Hawk derivative equipped with a new signal intelligence system sensor developed by Airbus.

In order to protect the downlink of the recorded data, DSI conceived and developed the add-on German crypto system to compliment the existing US system.



Customer: Airbus/ESA

MetOp-SG (Meteorological Operational Satellite – Second Generation) is the space segment of the EPS Second Generation (EPS-SG) programme.

DSI designs, develops, manufactures and qualifies the Command and Data Processing Unit (CDPU) of the Ice Cloud Imager (ICI) Instrument.



Customer: Airbus/Bw

SARah is the next generation of radar reconnaissance and is the successor of the SAR-Lupe system.

DSI is responsible for the design and implementation of the space & ground crypto system of the Airbus satellite that is part of the SARah constellation.



Customer: Airbus/ESA

ExoMars is ESA’s mission to Mars. The mission comprises an Orbiter and a Rover.

DSI designed and developed the control and input/output modules incl. the Board Support Package (BSP) for ExoMars Orbiter’s Payload Data Handling Unit (PDHU) in cooperation with Crisa. This PDHU is based on 1 Tbit NAND Flash storage modules and includes PUS Service 13 formatting of incoming sensor data. It provides the first real “Packet Store” based on PUS incl. downlink formatting.



Customer: RUAG/ESA

JUICE (JUpiter ICy moons Explorer) is the first large-class mission in ESA’s Cosmic Vision 2015–2025 programme.

DSI designs, develops, manufactures and qualifies the Solid State Mass Memory (SSMM) of the Command and Data Management Subsystem (CDMS).



DSI Informationstechnik GmbH

Otto-Lilienthal-Straße 1
D-28199 Bremen, Germany
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Mail info@dsi-it.de

DSI Aerospace Technologie GmbH

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D-28199 Bremen, Germany
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Hans-Sommer-Straße 67
D-38106 Braunschweig, Germany
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Mail info@dsi-as.de

DSI Datensicherheit GmbH

Rodendamm 34
D-28816 Stuhr, Germany
Tel +49 (0) 421-898360-19
Fax +49 (0) 421-8400-7929

Henleinstraße 16
D-28816 Stuhr, Germany
Tel +49 (0) 421-8400-790
Fax +49 (0) 421-8400-7929

Mail info@dsi-ds.de